Playground Improv Collective

Playground Improv Collective (PIC) is the resident improv group of Playground Comedy Studio. Simply put, we’re a team of professional improvisers specialising in funny business! Individuals trained in theatre, art and basic madness come out of their comfort zone and put together hilarious scenes based on nothing but audience suggestions. Yes you heard that right. Nothing is scripted or planned. Everything is made up on the spot!

We’re a group of trained practitioners of improvisational theatre. Our team comprises players engaged in a variety of professions across art, culture and media including actors, comedians, theatre practitioners, art curators, creative producers and filmmakers, each of whom bring their unique perspectives and set of quirks to the table.

Our collective works towards taking improv places. We regularly perform shows at various venues including studios, cafes, college campuses and corporate offices among others. We also regularly organize jam sessions and hold various workshops at our venues for those who wish to learn the techniques of improv for various purposes, including performance, individual growth, teamwork and leadership or just to have fun.

Learning about and doing Improvisation is exceptionally fun, creatively satisfying, and straight-up exhilarating. Not only that, improving your live performance skills will make you a more confident, expressive communicator, and a far more effective collaborator.

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